Corporate Meditation: The Trojan Horse

Meditation brought into corporate culture, on the surface, is a way to relax employees and get them to better focus on doing their job…and increase the bottom line of the organization. That’s the corporate intent. But the actual purpose of meditation is to connect one with Higher Consciousness. Whatever word we use for this. Source, […]

The Center Point

There is a Center-Point in all experiences. Through meditation, we tune our minds towards this Center-Point, allowing our apparent selves to be informed by the wisdom It expresses. Interestingly, the light that we need to illumine the Center-Point comes from the Center-Point itself, allowing transcendence to happen on its own, to the degree we’re clear […]

To Just Breathe…

Whatever knots in your life… Whatever insults thrown your way… Whatever misunderstandings you shoulder… Whatever habits cast you away… Whenever world doesn’t see your value… Whenever sun doesn’t shine on your face… Whenever person doesn’t act with kindness… Whenever events compel you to chase… There is always solace, And that is… Student of MeditationRanjeeth Thunga

“Spiritual Teacher” as Ego

Certainly earlier in my journey I had an urge to teach people around me what wisdom and path they should take up. But as I mature, I’m less and less inclined to do so. As I more and more own the sheer amount of reactions, blindspots, questionable choices, fogs and limitations within my own life […]


Let’s break down what the Sanksrit word “mantra” means. The syllable “man” means thoughts, and “tra” means release: thought-release. Whenever we recite a mantra, we are engaging in a process of releasing our thoughts, thereby tuning into a Higher Intelligence within us. A mantra can be a word, phrase, sound, rhythm or even breath. Since […]

Meditation: Simple but not Easy

Meditation is simple. Dirt simple. Painlessly simple to understand. Perhaps it’s the simplest of any “skill” to comprehend. It is two moment-to-moment steps, in lock-step with one another, of 1) remembrance and 2) letting-go. Each tradition, religion, or practice might have a variation of this, or express meditation in different words…but it’s simply this. But… […]

Real Work is Inner Work

We often equate work with tangible output and results we see on the outside. But that isn’t the real work. Real work is what’s shifting on the inside. The moment to moment transformation of Consciousness in us. Inner work doesn’t always get validated by the outside. It’s not meant to. In fact, inner work is […]

What Really Matters

The number of digits in our bank account…doesn’t really matter. The number of alphabets after our name…doesn’t really matter. The number of facts we can spew, skills we can carry out, scriptures we can recite…doesn’t really matter. The number of awards we won, accomplishments we made, top rankings on our transcript…doesn’t really matter. The number […]

Breath Leads Us

Our breath is not just a way of calming the mind. It actually is a way of leading us through our lives. It shows us where to go, where to uncover, and where to let go. Breath can very well be equated with Higher Intelligence. When we realize that breath is more than just a […]

Skills Temporary; Wisdom Eternal

Many skills, on their own, seem to be temporary. They don’t last forever. They come and go as situations demand. They often get built, and get dropped. This applies to work skills we might have honed, knowledge we might have built, social graces we might have picked up, relationship skills we might have refined. I’ve […]