Corporate Meditation: The Trojan Horse

Meditation brought into corporate culture, on the surface, is a way to relax employees and get them to better focus on doing their job…and increase the bottom line of the organization.

That’s the corporate intent.

But the actual purpose of meditation is to connect one with Higher Consciousness. Whatever word we use for this. Source, God, Truth, Buddha Nature — doesn’t matter.

And thus meditation serves as a Trojan Horse.

When people bring in meditation to serve a decidedly lower vibration motive (perhaps competitive advantage), it will inevitably find a way of transforming into a higher vibration motive (Universal Oneness).

So corporations will become less and less driven by simply the bottom line. The motivations within the corporation will shift. They will shift from selfish ambition towards selfless harmony — moving us to be truly respectful of people, and be truly inclusive of everyone, within the company, and outside the company.

Starting with the employees, to their competitors, to their customers, to society at large. Harmony will be cultivated between all stakeholders.

The corporate structure will transform into something completely different, from within. And the corporate landscape will transform in the process.

Student of Meditation
Ranjeeth Thunga

By Ranjeeth Thunga

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