Meditation: Simple but not Easy

Meditation is simple. Dirt simple. Painlessly simple to understand. Perhaps it’s the simplest of any “skill” to comprehend.

It is two moment-to-moment steps, in lock-step with one another, of 1) remembrance and 2) letting-go.

Each tradition, religion, or practice might have a variation of this, or express meditation in different words…but it’s simply this.

But… simple does not mean easy.

Meditation is a lifetime (or lifetimes) process of mastery, which has us go through and come to terms with all the paradoxes and complexities of life.

We’re constantly put into question all of our doubts, insecurities, distractions, fears, and hesitations. One by one, step by step.

But over time, our conviction builds. Over time, we work through and unravel it all.

Student of Meditation
Ranjeeth Thunga

By Ranjeeth Thunga

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