Real Work is Inner Work

We often equate work with tangible output and results we see on the outside.

But that isn’t the real work.

Real work is what’s shifting on the inside. The moment to moment transformation of Consciousness in us.

Inner work doesn’t always get validated by the outside. It’s not meant to. In fact, inner work is quite misunderstood as being of trivial importance, or at most, of secondary value, in our society.

We don’t realize continuous inner transformation is actually the point of any action we take, any experience we have.

While we might not get external validation, inner work is most certainly validated from the inside, by the Spirit within. And this provides all the solace we need to keep doing the work.

The fruits of our work are inevitable, in their own way, in their own time, for ourselves and those around us. As long as we keep in mind what work actually is.

Ranjeeth Thunga
Student of Meditation

By Ranjeeth Thunga

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