“Spiritual Teacher” as Ego

Certainly earlier in my journey I had an urge to teach people around me what wisdom and path they should take up. But as I mature, I’m less and less inclined to do so.

As I more and more own the sheer amount of reactions, blindspots, questionable choices, fogs and limitations within my own life to see through, I less and less feel capable of being able to teach anyone anything as it relates to spiritual practice.

Who am I to teach someone? Who am I to know what another has to go through and learn, especially if I have so much to go through myself? I’m no one to be doing so. But…it’s clear that coming to such a conclusion actually IS a sign that we should be sharing our inner insights with others.

Teaching is a noble desire. No doubt. But we’re all burdened and blind in so many ways, not one of us can really see past our own biases. So a wanting to teach others is very often an expression of our own ego or doubts. But when we come out of this wanting, we actually find a new, healthy way of sharing.

There’s a subtle but essential difference between ‘teaching as natural sharing’ and ‘trying to teach someone’ that distinguishes healthy mutual growth from an egoic power play.

We can certainly feel it. When someone is freely sharing, we open up. When someone is trying to teach us a lesson, we recoil.

As we transition from one who ‘wants to teach someone’ to one whose teaching is a natural, genuine sharing of insights and struggles, we feel a natural clicking into the right place. And we’re where we need to be.

Student of Meditation
Ranjeeth Thunga

By Ranjeeth Thunga


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